About Us

i-Lighting’s goal is to provide quality and affordable  LED lighting solutions that are easy to install, while also providing enhanced safety, security, ambiance and maximum enjoyment of indoor and  outdoor living space.


What does Easy Plug™ mean?

i-Lighting’s LED lighting system utilizes the patented Easy Plug™ technology. Our patented ILUMA™ lighting products install easily with our wiring system.  Wiring simply plugs together and it works with the patented polarity correcting circuits. Cutting, splicing, and wire nutting are not required, thereby reducing installation time by half, and creating minimal failure points (compared to traditional lighting systems).

The i-Lighting Simplified & Design™ system can assist you with designing a custom lighting system to enhance any indoor or outdoor lighting project so you can enjoy your home for years to come. 


  • i-Lighting has been providing customized lighting to our customers for 10+ years.
  • Utilizes LED technology that saves an average of 80% on energy bills while generating little heat, making the products safe for children and pets, while also attracting fewer insects.
  • Operates on a DC Power Supply creating minimal line voltage drops and shocking hazards. 
  • In most cases, permits are not required.
  • The Patented Easy Plug™ Installation System saves 1/2 the installation time of traditional systems and creates minimal failure points.
  • The system is not polar-sensitive, which makes it great for DIY fans.
  • i-Lighting’s system is UL-approved as a 12-volt DC indoor and outdoor lighting system.
  • i-Lighting’s manufacturing facility is ISO 9001 certified.
  • i-Lighting’s Easy Plug™ System allows you or your contractor to easily incorporate LED lighting into all of your projects (even if incandescent or halogen).
  • Customization is easy. You say it, we build it.
  • We offer a drawing service (a $30 fee that is deducted from your order) if you need a drawing/layout before we quote your job.
  • i-Lighting systems are manufactured and assembled in Newark, Delaware (free shopping and shipping to US states).
  • All products have a limited warranty (must return the required form to be eligible), so if something goes wrong, we replace it – for free (the customer pays only the shipping cost).


We ship ANYWHERE in the United States via UPS!

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